The simplification of form, prioritisation of material detail and delicate structure combine in a quest to create an ephemeral quality to the architecture. 

The house is built directly over a new lake, providing a place to benefit from the calming effects of water and light. The lake will support a new ecosystem and the surrounding planting creates a link to the existing woodland ecosystem which surrounds the site.

The1.5m wide verandah which wraps around the entire building creates a series of routes through the building and over the water. It is also a multi functional space similar to the engawa in Japanese architecture. The overhanging roof provides a sheltered space from which to view the garden and to prevent overheating in the summer as well as allowing the building to remain open in the rain or sun. 

Dark coloured materials have been chosen so the house appears to recede into the background, allowing the landscape to dominate. The Japanese method of Should Sugi ban will be used to char cedar boards for use as a sustainable cladding material - the charring protects the timber against the elements and gives a slight reflective quality whilst also acting as a fire retardant. Copper shingles will cover the roof, weathering from the bright classic copper colour to a deep chocolate brown, to help the house blend with its woodland surroundings. 

CGI visualisations by David Schnabel in collaboration with HAMISH & LYONS. 

Project completed. Photographs due summer 2022. 

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